Selasa, 03 Oktober 2017

RANDOM OUESTION AND ANSWER (03/10/2017) ^________^

1. Do you find yourself more drawn to brains or looks?
Nope. I would prefer to pick the smartest brain of mankind -- both female and male friends. Without brain, how could we start the conversations with anyone (even strangers!)? Only stupid persons who prefer looks than brains. I couldn't stop remembering myself being taught by a security guard at one company (audited by me). That persons told me for not placing meal on the ground. Disrespecting act for both --- the meal (provided by God!) and the preparer.

2. What would you change about your personality and look?
Nothing. Be blessed; be grateful! I have the best look, not the prettiest (or the most handsome woman!). I had made a promised to myself for not taking any plastic surgery in order to change any part of mine (including double eyelid!). I'm is always who I am! Never change; physically or characteristically! Be blessed; be grateful! God is both good and awesome on each breathe of mine.

3. What is the one place in the world you wish you lived in?
Home --- anywhere and at any moment of my life. Inspired by Bible --- ready to live in a cave or even in a dungeon with rats.

4. What would your dream date be like?
Various places. Eating at a restaurant. Listening to music at a music store together with earphones. Having dinner at home (or at a restaurant!). Going out to the forest or even a small park near my home. Everyday is a special date for me with anyone (even strangers!).

5. What is the happiest memory from your childhood?
At kindergarten. Before entering elementary school. Remarkable two years of my life. Not having too many memories on that period of time. Be blessed; be grateful! I can remember little; not too many! But, I did remember that I found the fact of having fear of height at that place. I had conquered that little by little. Not totally! I do have fear of height 'till now. Little fact of mine. Thank you, O Lord! You had created as an imperfect persons with a imperfect tape of memories.

Little with best regards to all viewers!
- Cindy Tanubrata (03/10/2017)

Jumat, 16 Desember 2016

RANDOM OUESTION AND ANSWER - 4TH OF 2016 (17/12/2016) ^________^

What is your strongest sense? If you had to give one up, which would it be? Nose. None. Cannot imagine live without one of them.

Which animals scare you most? Why? Spider. Because it might be able to kill me with its poison.

How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror? Never count that. Don't know the exact number. However, it must be more than once.

Do you save old greeting cards and letters? Throw them away? Old days - save them all. Now - has been thrown away.

Do you have a whole lot of acquaintances or just a few very close friends? Why? Just a few very close friends. It is because it is hard for me to make friends. Thinking that I'm quite introvert.

What do you think about more than anything else? About myself. I would like to think about what I want to do on each day of my life. List of activities.

Where’s your favourite place to take an out-of-town guest? Senayan City. Don't know why. It's the first pop-up answer that came out from my brain.

How and where do you prefer to study? My room with endless positions. Here - I believe my room is 'home sweet home' of mine.

Have you forgiven yourself for past personal failures? Why or why not? Yes. If I cannot forgive myself quickly, the guilt shall grow into cancer of madness and twirlwind of uncertainties.

When do you find yourself singing? Anywhere.

Cindy Tanubrata (17/12/2016)

Rabu, 24 Februari 2016

RANDOM OUESTION AND ANSWER - 3RD OF 2016 (25/02/2016) ^________^

What is the one thing you did in your past that you wish to be undo again? Dancing stupidly in front of a large mirror on a public place. It did make me feel total freedom as myself while doing that. Trust me; cannot wait for another chance to do that again without fear completely.

What is your biggest fear? To be separated from my loved ones --- esp. chances to be together with my family members.

What is the one place in the world that you wish you lived in? The answers can be Morocco, Patmos, Maldives, Singapore and others. It's always not fixed at all time. Now -- stopped 1,2,3! The answer is Jakarta.

Would you rather be loved or have a lot of money? Be loved with my loved ones. Money is always be the second answer for everything. Never be the first prioritize among others. Money isn't something that so crucial for making myself to be happy completely. Mental healthiness is the most important and being loved by others is one of those important substances for having mental healthiness.

What is the happiest memory from your childhood? Cutting the hairs of barbie dolls. I do like to cut my own hairs lately. Cheaper than going to a salon for having a new haircut. I guess that it's all started from that bad habit during my childhood. Huge grin and salute for my naughtiness at the past.

What would your dream date be like? Never have one answer for this. I could run with my future loved one at a basketball court. Drinking milk or eating something together. Sharing meal on one plate and others. I guess that I'm a very romantic person completely. Love being myself completely now.

What would you change about your personality and look? Look --- always none; always being grateful for every angles of my own face structure and body structure. Personality --- every time and everyday. I always wish to be able to cope myself and build myself as better and better person on any chances of my life completely.

Are you closed with your family? Indeed, I do feel that I'm closed with my family members --- esp. my parents and my big brother.

Where is the one place in the world you feel safe? Home. Feeling to be safe with my loved ones (like my family members). 

What is your ultimate goal in life? Everyday and every time. Being a better version of myself everyday.

Cindy Tanubrata (25/02/2016)

RANDOM OUESTION AND ANSWER - 2ND OF 2016 (25/02/2016) ^________^

After watching Twilight, which one that you like more within werewolf or vampire? Werewolf. Love seeing them; jumping around the woods/forests or snow mountains.

Have you ever falling in love with one character in a movie? Which one? Yes, Jack Dawson -- one character from Titanic. Love the color of eyes from the younger of Leonardo DiCaprio. Note: Never being in love with the oldest version of Leonardo DiCaprio.

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for? Why? First one --- world peace; the reason behind the first wish is simply being bored with death and wars on some countries worldwide. Second one --- three nephew shall be able to live as not an immigrant in my own country on future ahead and the reason is simply that I do love them a lot. Third one --- chocolate cake on my birthday; the reason is that the fact of having my own birthday cake for the fourth time on my life. Simple happiness is the second reason behind the third wish.

What are the three things that you cannot live without? iPhone, ASUS small laptop, chocolate milk.

Has any movie, or book made a huge impact on you? Yes. Book --- forgotten novel title by Sidney Sheldon, some Harlequin novels and Detective Conan (comic title). Movie --- all series of Mission Impossible and Bourne.

Do you like singing in the shower? Regularly --- not; once a while since I do love listening songs from my small laptop or iPhone.

What is my favorite color? Blue. Love the color since it's the color of the majestic blue sky above us everyday.

What is your lucky number? Seven. It reminds me of one Korean male singer with one of his song titles. The title song is Better Together. Amazing song with great quality of vocal from that particular male singer.

What does your name means? Cindy -- moon goddess (refer to the meaning from ancient Greek name). Margareth --- has no meaning; given because my parents wants me to be as strong as Margaret Thatcher. Arief -- wisdom; cooler version from the Indonesian word of 'arif'.

Are you a good writer? Yes, of course. Just see and read all the answers from all questions above.

Cindy Tanubrata (25/02/2016).

Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

RANDOM OUESTION AND ANSWER - 1ST OF 2016 (24/02/2016) ^________^

What were you like when you were a kid? Being myself with self-degradation of characters like the age that you're thinking about myself. 

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation? Don't know. That's the only answer since I haven't been in a situation that could be considered as a hostage situation.

In court, why do they ask if you swear to tell the truth? No other option besides telling the truth. Stupid question, isn't it? Just need to post it for informing all of my readers.

Why do you always look at me like if you're stupid or something? Not being stupid; just being in love with you. Simple code from any women in this worldwide population.

What do you think would be one of the best steps we could take toward ending poverty around the world? Nothing. As commoner, how could I answer billions of questions that should be done by more than one governmental institutions per countries? I couldn't answer this question completely.

Would you kill an innocent person if you thought it might mean saving a dozen other people? Never. Not even once that I shall do that; or even think about that.

What do people in China call their good plates? Never know that. Never heard that. Enough. No further answers.

Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed? Don't know since I always put my mascara on with mouth closed. Cannot answered this stupid question.

What is the most stupid thing you've ever done? Dancing stupidly (in front of huge mirror) on public space.

Would you rather be smart and ugly or dumb and beautiful? None of them. It's because I'm both smart and beautiful. How could I change both of my face and anorak structure? Another stupid question completely. 

Cindy Tanubrata (24/02/2016)

Minggu, 06 Desember 2015


Oh, dear friends...
The shadow of the past that we hold on,
it shall gonna haunt us 'till the end.
To erase the shadow of our fear,
we shall need to let go that part of the past.

Oh, dear friends...
The shadow might come back and
it shall hunts again one day.
To find the peace within us,
we shall have to find the wisdom of light.

Oh, dear friends...
The wisdom of light is something special,
which you can only attain it in life.
To attain it for real and to hold it forever,
we shall make our own hearts to be opened.

Opened our hearts for being criticized of love,
let it fill in to the deepest part of our soul.
Make all the positive sides of being criticized
as the part of our own bones and blood.

The positive sides of being criticized shall be...
the best medicine to keep us seeing the sun,
the negative sides of being criticized shall be...
the worst poison to erode all the bones of us.

Oh, dear friends...
Those words of being criticized are the real sun.
The sun for us to keep heading up our chain
and be positive towards our future and life.
The sun that also hide shadow and shine the pain.

Oh, dear friends...
The shadow of the sun is our own acts.
Our own acts is the judges of our certain matters;
not seeing our own weaknesses and imperfections.
Those rude acts shall hurt others with pain.

- Cindy Margareth Arief Tanubrata, 08/06/2010 - 

Rabu, 26 Agustus 2015


Hello, everybody! I decided for going out to a mall - closed to one Catholic church. It is a very old mall, named Sarinah. The mall is located near one Catholic church, named St. Theresia. I went there for taking lunch of roasted duck noodle with dim sum at one of my favorite restaurants. The name of the restaurant is Oenpao and located at the 2nd floor of the mall. Similar to the previous trips, I went there as part of my memoirs in living as one single woman and as part of two-month celebration (before October 26, 2015).

Shirt ---- Unbranded: Mal Artha Gading - Around June 2015
Skorts ---- Uniqlo: Lotte Shopping Avenue (Ciputra Mall) - January 2015
Bags ---- Naughty: Mal Cipinang Indah - Around July 2015

Visiting Catholic Church - St. Theresia (Central Jakarta)

Visiting Sarinah, Thamrin - Central Jakarta (for Having Lunch at Oenpao)

Eating Roasted Duck Noodle and Dim Sum (Oenpao - Sarinah, Thamrin)

I decided to arrange and array random pictures related to part of my personal of two-month birthday celebration. After having lunch at that restaurant, I took a taxi for going home around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Furthermore, I decided to create the blogs related to the days of my life as part of personal compilation for having the second time of two-month birthday celebration. Smile completely, everyone!

Best regards,
Cindy Tanubrata